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Our Company’s management has been dealing with the MORA® method since 2003, and runs a medical-naturopath practice, well-known for its efficacy.

Our Company is the representative of the German company developing the ORIGINAL MORA® method in Hungary, the Middle-East and India. 

Our instructors were trained in Germany, and regularly attend advanced seminars. They have massive practical experience as therapists.

To read more please find articles under „Knowledge” in the menu of our website, for further information on devices please find „Products”.

After concluding a sale, we think it is very important to teach buyers how to use well their devices. We are at your disposal from CET 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on workdays for consultancy or technical issues.

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MORA® BEAUTY is a relatively new, but quite successful branch of MORA® therapy. Application areas: cellulite; smoking cessation; skin-hair-nail beauty applications; relaxation; and weight control. Just like MORA® NOVA, it also comes with touchscreen, is absolutely network capable and may be online updated.


MORA® NOVA is a device for checkup and therapies, reflecting the latest biophysical research results. It comes with touchscreen, is fully network capable, with online updates.  It is absolutely user-friendly; a MORA®  unit, a pc, an interface and an amplifier all in one. 

MORA® Therapy, MORA® Treatment

MORA® therapy does not simply recognize pathogenic oscillations of our body but also eliminates them by inverting them, supporting the self-healing abilities of our body that way. Primarily we meet the following disease groups: respiratory and nutritive allergies/intolerancies, acute and chronic pain, acute and chronic inflammation, metaboloic disruptions.  

The method is free from pain and side effects.

May be simultaneously used by clinical or any further naturopathic methods.

Good to know!

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Alternative diagnosis and therapy procedures are popular as ever. Therapists and patients do not only find answers in biophysical medical technology where academic medicine reaches its limits. Bio-resonance is a genuine alternative even when it concerns gentle, lasting procedures for recuperating or maintaining health. Research and enhancements are on at full speed. Discover the latest knowledge and current information on bio-resonance and MORA®-Therapy.

What is MORA System?

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A MORA rendszer állapotfelmérő és kezelő módszer.