Vibrations that will change your life!

he MORA® bio-resonance method with patented 2-channel technology
Stimulates self-healing powers and thus removes disturbances and blockages.
Target group: Physicians, alternative practitioners, therapists and naturopaths.


For diagnosis or therapy with MORA® NOVA, the patient is connected through hand, foot and head electrodes. The patient’s vibrations are sent to the device through the electrodes. Depending on the symptoms and treatment program, the vibrations are converted by MORA® NOVA into corresponding therapy frequency patterns and returned to the patient through output electrode.


Today the bio-resonance therapy as energetic diagnosis and therapy method cannot be wished away from the holistic complementary medicine.MORA® NOVA offers many options that can cover various therapy fields. It gives you a reliable diagnosis and therapy. The body is thereby supported to regulate itself.Your patients experience a side effect-free therapy, which achieves astounding results for many symptoms and diseases. Often the bio-resonance therapy is helpful in case where the traditional medicine were not adequate.


• Often the patient feels an improvement just after the first treatment
• Therapy is often perceived as very comfortable
• Treatment is free of side effects and is not at all stressful
• Short treatment duration (between 5 and 30 minutes)


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  • Patented 2-channel technology
  • Integrated ELH function
  • Multilingual display
  • Modern measurement stylus
  • Graphical representation of the measurement points
  • Network compatible
  • Transportable with lockable touchscreen
  • No battery, therefore no battery service
  • User-friendly touchscreen
  • Integrated input and output cups
  • Integrated foot console
  • Completely network capable
  • Microsoft Windows Networks or Peer-2-Peer
  • Maintenance-free data server
  • Data server can work through portable drive
  • Acceptance of old data
  • Free of installation on all Windows PCs, from Windows 2000


  • Allergies
  • Food intolerances
  • Geopathic stresses
  • Functional circulatory disorders
  • Acute and chronic pain and inflammatory conditions
  • Metabolic disorders