The MORA® system is a diagnostic and therapy method based on electroacupuncture, homeopathy and biophysical researches. The therapy targets support/restoration of the energetic balance of the different biophysical structures (tissues, organs). 

Refusal: pacemaker, pregnancy, epilepsy.

The MORA®principal: Processes in our body are governed by electromagnetic oscillations, therefore if the oscillations are corrected, processes may change in a favourable direction. Oscillations of the patients’ body are transmitted to the MORA® device via hand and foot electrodes.  Oscillations corresponding to the oscillations of the balanced body are amplified, so the self-healing mechanisms of the body are supported. Oscillations not corresponding to the oscillations of the healthy body are inverted and transmitted to the body in inverted form, where meeting the original oscillation patter results in neutralisation. Therefore the disharmonic oscillations are eliminated, and the body is pushed forward to harmony.

What may be MORA® good for?

·  acute and chronic allergy: elimination of allergen substances, intake of symptomatic and homeopathic agents

·  heavy metal burden: elimination of environmental toxins (lead, cadmium, amalgam, aluminium, etc.)

·  different dental applications: test if potential substances to be built in are tolerated, test of amalgam burden, focus test 

·  multiple chemical hypersensitivity: symtoms sililar to allergy, main characteristics: skin lesions, headache, sleep disturbancies, rheuma-like aches, sexual/menstruation disturbancies, psychic symptoms

·  acute and chronic inflammation

·  acute and chronic infections

·  acute and chronic pain

·   decrease side effects of medications

·  addictions (smoking, alcohol)

·  biorhythm therapy when there is increased psychic/physical stress

·  mood improvement

·  headache, migraine

·  diseases of unknown origin (foci, immune diseases, metabolic disorders, etc.)

·  autoimmune diseases, e.g. Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis

·  restoration of acid-base balance

·  hormone disorders

·  complementary therapy of cancer (pain killing, medication and vitamin intake)

·  skin diseases: psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis, etc.

·  gynaceological problems: cycle complaints, cysts, climax, „infertility”

·  mycosis test and elimination of fungi

·  rehabilitation after operations

·  locomotor diseases

·  scars, energy flow blockages

· electrostress and geopathic burden neutralisation.