The aches simply fade away!

MORA® COLOR is a combination of bio-resonance and colour therapy. 
Target group: doctors, alternative practitioners, therapists and natural health professionals


A double roller electrode receives electromagnetic vibrations from the skin parts that need treating, and transmits them to the device. There they are complemented by colour light oscillations and sent back to the patient.


With MORA® Color you simply roll the pain away. Thanks to specific colour oscillations, you can relieve pain caused by movement in a targeted, simple and fast manner, for example, or at least significantly reduce it. Your patients will be amazed at how quickly they feel better! The success of a treatment generally appears as soon as a few minutes afterwards. As a user you will benefit from, among other things, the fact that MORA® Color is easy to use and will therefore also facilitate conventional treatment methods. Testing colour and amplification is straightforward as well. In addition, MORA® Color also enables therapy with nosodes and medication.


  • The colour spectrum covers red, yellow, orange, green, blue and purple

  • Amplification adjustable from 1 to 1,000,000


• For acute and chronic pain

• As a supplementary or individual therapy

• Fast results through simple colour testing and amplification

• Electromagnetic therapy which leads to results within a few minutes.

• Simple to use, making conventional treatment methods easier