The latest wellness trend for your well-being

The highly-modern combination of latest bio-resonance technology and intelligent software achieves visible benefits with just few applications.


The customer is connected to the MORA® Beauty device with hand and foot electrodes. This is how the vibrations reach the device through electrodes. Depending on the application, these vibrations are converted in the device into corresponding frequency patterns and sent to the customer through the output electrode.


• The ideal application for quick starters
• Safe, fast and delegable operation
• Modern design
• Simple installation – free of installation on
all Windows PCs from Windows 2000
• Full network integration
• Online updates
• With lockable touchscreen for high portability and flexibility
• Patented 2-channel technology
• Manufactured under highest quality standards
• Made in Germany


• Often the customer feels an improvement just after the first application
• Application is often perceived as very comfortable
• Application is free of side effects and is not at all stressful
• Short treatment duration (between 5 and 30 minutes)


• Patented 2-channel technology
• Integrated ELH function
• Multilingual display
• Modern measurement stylus
• Graphical representation of the measurement points
• Network compatible

  • Transportable with lockable Touchscreen
  • No battery, therefore no battery service
  • User-friendly touchscreen
  • Integrated input and output cups
  • Integrated foot console
  • Completely network capable
  • Microsoft Windows Networks or Peer-2-Peer
  • Maintenance-free data server
  • Data server can work through portable drive
  • Acceptance of old data
  • Free of installation on all Windows PCs, from Windows 2000


  • For men and women, who want to preserve
  • their natural beauty or recreate it.
  • Reinforcing, relaxing and softening applications
  • respond to skin, hair, nail, connective issues and
  • personal charisma.
  • Specific software modules expand the treatment
  • spectrum. All modules can be installed and used
  • as single modules or in combination.

Module 1:
Biophony (incl. Headphones)

+ different applications for skin, hair, nails and eyes
+ General: Relaxation, detoxification, stress reduction and vitalisation

Module 2:
JeNu (incl. small UV active probe)

+ Applications for cellulite
+ In short: Wrinkle applications for face, neck and decollete

Module 3:
Smoke cessation

+Application for smoke cessation

Module 4:
Nutrition (including measurement stylus)

+ various applications for diet optimisation, weight loss, detoxification and vitalisation