MORA® therapy does not simply recognize pathogenic oscillations of our body but also eliminates them by inverting them, supporting the self-healing abilities of our body that way. Primarily we meet the following disease groups: respiratory and nutritive allergies/intolerancies, acute and chronic pain, acute and chronic inflammation, metaboloic disruptions.  The method is free from pain and side effects. May be simultaneously used by clinical or any further naturopathic methods. 


MORA® NOVA is a device for checkup and therapies, reflecting the latest biophysical research results. It comes with touchscreen, is fully network capable, with online updates.  It is absolutely user-friendly; a MORA®  unit, a pc, an interface and an amplifier all in one.  

Application areas 


Food intolerancies


Functional circulatory problems 

Acute and chronic pain and inflammations 

Metabolic disruptions



MORA® BEAUTY is a relatively new, but quite successful branch of MORA® therapy. Application areas: cellulite; smoking cessation; skin-hair-nail beauty applications; relaxation; and weight control. Just like MORA® NOVA, it also comes with touchscreen, is absolutely network capable and may be online updated. 

Application areas 

For men and women who want to maintain or restore their natural beauty. 

Strengthening, soothing and relaxing applications for hair, skin, nails, tissues and personal charisma. 

Specific software modules expand the scope of treatments.  

Each module can be installed separately, or in combination with other modules. 


Using the combination of oscillations and gentle electromagnetic color formations, you can relieve tension in a fast, simple and targeted manner. Thanks to deep penetrative action, distinct pain relief is noticeable even after just a few minutes.  Often a single treatment is enough to achieve lasting relaxation.   

Application areas 

Acute and chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system

Easy to use, designed for self-use 

Battery operation guarantees mobility - anywhere, anytime 

Ideal companion for domestic use 

Further devices are available in the field of performance diagnostics (Lactware), oxidative stress measurement (Oxi-Med), pain killing (MORA® Physio és Color), drinking water preparation (MORA® Water) and geopathic and electromagnetic stress elimination.