Engineer Erich Rasche and physician Dr Franz Morell identified the limits of medicine-based treatment 35 years ago and conducted research on alternative therapy methods.

In the mid 70's Franz Morell conducted research into an alternative therapy method along with his son-in-law, the electrical engineer Erich Rasche. They transferred the principle of side effect-free waves and frequencies from quantum physics to medical technology.

The intensive research work resulted in a technology, which is in a position to record body‘s internal vibrations, analyse and correct them and to send it back to the body in a clean state. This was the birth of classical bio-resonance therapy, namely the MORA®-Therapy.

Med-Tronik has grown to an international company. As before, all products from Med-Tronik continue to be researched, tested and analyzed to a great degree. Over the period of years, the devices and the software and the applications were refined and expanded. New, supplementary devices complete the offering. The MORA®-System gives the therapists focused diagnostic methods and therapy measures customised to the patients. Gentle, lasting and safe!