Our physicians and naturopaths have been working in the field of healing for avarage 15 years.  

During this time it became obvious for us that not diseases but patients should be treated. 

We approach patients holistically, i.e. we work out the most optimal, individual treatment plan for our patients, taking into consideration their physical and mental aspects and walks of life. 

About us

 Éva Gurbó:

manager of MORA Technologies Kft, Egészség Útja Kft,

naturopath, MORA® therapist, official MORA® trainer

Gurbó Éva

Philisophy: She, both as naturopath and manager, believes that as our body is a complex whole, it should be treated as such concerning all diseases. Of course it is very important to decrease symtoms (and everything is done to achieve that), but the task is not completed: the cause must be identified, then treated, and the body must be detoxified to avoid the recurrance of the disease, or occurrance of another one.  It is essential to simultaneously deal with the psyche as well. 

She considers her primary task is the promotion and sales of MORA® devices, and would appreciate if more and more people got know about the excellent medical device MORA® Nova and the second to none MORA® therapy. 



  • Biologika Szabadegyetem: Module 1 "Tumors and atrophies", Module 2 "Mood disorders and insanity" (2011)  
  • Spiritual Response Therapy basic education (2010)
  • MORA® therapist and appointed Med-Tronik trainer (2008)
  • ear acupuncture addictologist Health Education and Training Institute (ETI) (2006)
  • have been dealing with MORA® diagnostics and therapy since 2003   
  • kinesiologist (1995)
  • University of Szeged: entrepreneur manager (1994)

She got knew MORA® therapy in 2003. She was impressed that MORA®  can examine such details of our body functions which cannot be accessed by any other methods, and helps us concerning several problems which cannot be permanently solved by any other procedures.  

It is not by chance that unlike numerous other devices, MORA® is a medical device (subject to European Medical Law).

She started to distribute MORA® devices in 2003, and she is very proud of selling more devices in that given year, than the total sales volume of the previous 10 years in Hungary. 

She met the owner and head development engineer of Med-Tronik - the company manufacturing MORA® devices -, professional physician team and business management first in 2004. 

They let insight details of manufacturing, and she saw that each device is assembled manually, and is carefully checked before marketing. This explains why malfunctions are so rare. She also saw what unbelievably creative and scientifically up-to-date team is behind the continuous professional and technical developments.   

Seeing her results, Med-Tronik trusted her and supported her goals such much that only she and her team got such training by which they became appointed Med-Tronik's  MORA® instructors.

Due to her daily communication with Med-Tronik she can provide up-to-date information to her customers, in every question. 

After long research and development, Med-Tronik started marketing a brand new, ultramodern device branch in 2015. Please find further information about the devices in this website.  

She is at your disposal concerning every inquiry. Our professional team quickly reacts to each request. 

Dr. Zsuzsa Mocsonoky, DMD


Dr.Mocsonoky Zsuzsa

Homeopath dentist, MORA® therapist

Philosophy: „The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” (Book of Proverbs 18:21)

There is nothing which would not have been created first by a thought or word.  Nothing happens to us which was not planned by the spirit.  Certain experiences are necessary for the spirit to step forward. It is not important what happens to you, the important is what you feel in connection with those.

Dr. Zsuzsa Mocsonoky was born in Budapest, in 1953. She attended  Hunyadi János Music Primary School, Radnóti Miklós High School with specialisation in Maths and Physics.  She learnt her husband there, then had her first son. She graduated from Semmelweis Medical University as dentist in 1978. She started working in Doboz (Békés County) as dentist of the town, where she worked for 23 years.  She had her second son in 1982, who became a dentist technician.


After the regime change, when the opportunity came, she started learning alternative methods:   

 biological dentistry – oral acupuncture

 hypnosis in dentistry (hypnodonta)


Then everything was done in the spirit and for dentistry, nevertheless biological dentistry and homeopathy made her realize that much more was at stake. Holistic approach started then, opening a new world in front of her.

She took exam in homeopathy at Semmelweis Medical University in 2000.

In 2002 she gave up dentistry and opened a homeopathy and bioresonance practice which she led in Gyula for two years, but later she moved it to Doboz.  Since then she attended numerous trainings and courses, where she expanded her toolbox and knowledge to help those turning to her even more effectively, and with even more success:


medical radiaesthesia,

spiritual healing with diagrams,

Schüssler consultant – face diagnostics,

MORA diagnostics and therapy.

She spent 3 years as appointed medical consultant of Flavantic HealthCare Club – where she held several presentations in nutrition and lifestyle topics all around the country. These are available on CD and DVD.

For her one of the most important values is to help those turning to her with her best knowledge – provide them the opportunity to step on the way of mental and physical health if they cooperate and are partners in that.

Ilona Kovács

Kovács Ilona

Head of MedDiamond Medical Naturopath Center, official MORA® trainer

Philosophy: She believes that once she will be part of such a world where clinical medicine and naturopathy work jointly, together, and support each other to reach what the most important is: to help those who need it, in the way they need it.  



  1. children’s nurse

Kossuth Zsuzsanna Health Vocational School, Szeged (1997-2000)           


  1. Master of Arts in English, English teacher

University of Szeged (2000-2005)


  1. ear acupncture addictologist

Health Education and Training Institute (ETI) (2005)


  1. MORA® trainer, appointed by Med-Tronik


1999-2004: children’s nurse, head nurse – University of Szeged, Clinic of Paediatrics



2004-: translator of English MORA literature, therapist, trainer


Dr. Péter Lestár, MD

Dr. Lestár Péter

MORA® therapist

2006: ear acupuncture addictologist

2006-: MORA therapist

2015-: orthopaedist-traumatologist intern.